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2 min readJul 25, 2021


Announcing Kupad Staking

After weeks of hard work and numerous lines of codes interrupted by nothing but bathroom and coffee breaks, we are thrilled to finally announce the launch of the KUPAD staking platform, this is the first step in our commitment to deliver a fully decentralized IDO platform for the KCC community.

While the KuPad staking platform enables users to earn a passive income just by staking their KKPAD tokens, it would also be a primary criteria that would determine the allocation of participants in our upcoming IDOs, to get more information about this, kindly read our previous article that explains the KuPad IDO Subscription tier model

Users can claim rewards at any point once the rewards has been accured, If users choose to claim their rewards, this immediately transfers reward tokens to the user’s wallets and even though it goes without saying, they can choose to stake this balance if they want.

Users can unstake at any time as there is no minimum or maximum staking duration for KuPad, Unstaking your staked balance is instant and would be sent to your wallet.

Emission Rate: KuPad Staking would commence at the emission rate of 3 tokens per block, that is 86,400 KuPad tokens per day, the APY is very flexible and would depend on how many tokens are staked in the contract, if the staking were to begin with 10,000 tokens, then the starting APY should be approximately 315,360% APY.

The KuBridge IDO date is not announced yet but staking would be an integral part of the IDO and this is just the first step in in our goal to provide a premium decentralised launchpad in the KCC ecosystem.

Additionally, we might open more pools for each project that we support on our launchpad, this would ensure that you can passively earn their tokens even after they have fully launched, this is part of our commitment to show continued support for every project before and after it’s launch in the KUPAD Ecosystem.

KUPAD is a protocol built on Kucoin blockchain with the sole aim of helping projects raise capital in a decentralized way, an easy approach for both investors and project to either invest or raise capital.

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Kupad Finance

KUPAD is the first decentralized launchpad on Kucoin Community Chain (KCC)