Introducing Kupad as The First Decentralized Launchpad on Kucoin Community Chain

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4 min readJul 6, 2021


Launchpads provide a viable means for new cryptocurrency projects to be launched into the cryptosystem. Kucoin is one of the leading platforms that make this possible via the dedicated blockchain — Kucoin Community Chain (KCC).

However, all that is set to change with the introduction of KUPAD. This is a revolutionary cryptocurrency Launchpad that would be popularized via the Kucoin blockchain.

Why Kucoin?

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has had a good run with the Launchpad. It is now a better time for other cryptocurrency exchanges to offer something better.

Kucoin is one of the blockchain networks that are taking the lead and KUPAD is the first cryptocurrency Launchpad to be launched via this interface.

The Goal

The goal of every cryptocurrency Launchpad is to create a trustless ecosystem where both cryptocurrency investors and project developers can build trust.

The KUPAD cryptocurrency Launchpad built on the Kucoin blockchain follows a similar pattern. Now, you can use this platform to invest in potential cryptocurrency projects that are about to list their assets on the Kucoin cryptocurrency exchange.

How it Works

KUPAD is a protocol that leverages blockchain technology and a streamlined process to justify the funds raised in the platform.

Worthy of mention is that the platform (KUPAD) is open to both cryptocurrency project developers and cryptocurrency investors who are interested in being early investors in those projects.

Key Features of the KUPAD Launchpad

Below are some of the Unique Selling Points (USPs) or key features of the KUPAD cryptocurrency Launchpad:

1. Project Screening

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is not entirely free of scams. Rugs are constantly pulled. This is the case with projects that don’t have a solid use case.

KUPAD is committed to reducing the spate of cryptocurrency projects that are likely to turn out to be scams.

This is done by screening these projects before they are listed in the KUPAD cryptocurrency Launchpad.

It will also interest you to know that the Launchpad focuses on high-quality projects. This way, cryptocurrency investors are confident that the projects they want to invest in are genuine and have potential use cases that will increase the value of those project’s crypto tokens.

2. Insurance: Strict Custodial Mechanism

It is one thing to invest in a crypto asset before it becomes available in the general market. It is another thing for the project’s development team to remain resolute in following and implementing the roadmaps for the project.

That is not the case with the cryptocurrency projects launched via the KUPAD Launchpad. Here, these projects are subjected to a strict custodial mechanism that does not only guarantee the continuity of the projects but also brings satisfaction to the investors.

The insurance mechanism allows KUPAD to take charge of or take control of a specific percentage of the project’s token value.

This way, the project will stay focused to actualize all that has been laid down.

And in the event of default, the locked value of the project’s crypto token will likely be used to reimburse the early investors.

3. Market Tracker
This is one of the features we have been looking for on some of the cryptocurrency Launchpads. Unfortunately, none of those IDO platforms seem to have the feature.

That feature is none other than the market analytical tool. The cryptocurrency market is volatile already. So, we want to help the early investors in the cryptocurrency projects listed via KUPAD to be as straightforward as possible.
This is why we rolled out a market analytical tool. This tool doubles as a power predictive evaluation toolkit that helps the investors to keep an eye on the crypto assets they invested in.

Besides, the tracker has been equipped with powerful tools that do away with clones, bots and spammers.
The removal of the aforementioned trio from the equation means that the KUPAD cryptocurrency Launchpad will be free and fair.

You can also use the analytical tools to keep an eye on the market. The tool helps you to verify the Contract Address of any crypto asset before you invest in it. Likewise, the tool can be used to track the activities of the different wallets or addresses that have already invested in the assets.

Worthy of mention is that the analytical tool used by KUPAD can also be used to predict the behaviors and emotions of the investors. This way, you are more likely to make an accurate guess of the next decisions or next steps that the investors will take. This will also help you to be aware of a possible dump so you can safeguard your assets before it becomes imminent.

4. Qualification
The process of getting a cryptocurrency asset listed on KUPAD has been streamlined. Ideally, the project developers or project owners are required to contact the KUPAD to open up negotiations for their new projects.
Of course, KUPAD has a couple of guidelines that must be met before these cryptocurrency projects can be listed for onward investments.

The qualification process starts with the completion of the technical whitepapers that explain all that the project is out to achieve.
Afterward, the developers or founders of the projects need to open a dialogue with the KUPAD team to have a common understanding on how to launch or list the projects on the KUPAD IDO platform.

Wrapping Up

KUPAD is bringing new cryptocurrency projects to the Kucoin cryptocurrency exchange. I am optimistic that the platform will make cryptocurrency IDO exciting, inclusive and risk-free for everyone.

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Kupad Finance

KUPAD is the first decentralized launchpad on Kucoin Community Chain (KCC)